Wednesday, June 19, 2013

New work by Danielle Silva

Happy almost Summer! Here's a few new pieces by Danielle Silva

Tattoo by Danielle Silva

Partially completed cover-up, Tattoo by Danielle Silva

Triceratops Tattoo by Danielle Silva

"Zinger" from Donkey Kong, Tattoo by Danielle Silva

Fairy and Dragon back piece, Tattoo by Danielle Silva

Sonic Half Sleeve in progress (logo in top left not by Danielle) Tattoo by Danielle Silva

Halloween Sleeve, Tattoo by Danielle Silva

Fox in a frame, Tattoo by Danielle Silva

Sunday, June 16, 2013


These photos were taken after session 2. This is the customers first tattoo. He wanted it to be different. I tried. We have a good layout, but a lot of this wasn't planed out. There was a lot of improvised drawing on the skin. Thankfully my customer was trusting and we collaborated on the concept and the Drawings that came out of. 
It's been fun designing this. 

There are many influences that led to the details you see. The background is very similar in look to Polynesian designs, yet the layout I went with a Japanese form. (It is the strongest). The flowers started from lotus pieces in Tibetan designs all the way to the round flower that you see so often in traditional style tattooing. The basic round math flower has evolved. 

I will post again when there is more progress. Thanks for reading. 

Friday, June 14, 2013

Saturday, June 8, 2013

New Tattoos by Matt Decker and a Custom Bike Helmut!

Matt Decker painted a custom helmut for the release of the Manifesto / Oaklandish bike collaboration.
With warm weather in full swing the shop has been filling up and Matt Decker has a few new pieces to show off. 

Custom Bike Helmut, Painted by Matt Decker

Story Book Half Sleeve, Multi View Tattoo by Matt  Decker

Storybook Half Sleeve, Multi View Tattoo by Matt Decker

Paisley side piece Tattoo by Matt Decker

Snake Thigh Piece, Tattoo by Matt Decker

Spine Script Piece, Tattoo by Matt Decker

Tattoo by Matt Decker

Outline done and color soon to follow

Tattoo by Matt Decker

Tattoo by Matt Decker

Tattoo By Matt Decker

Tattoo By Matt Decker

A Fat Finch, Tattoo by Matt Decker

Tattoo by Matt Decker

Tattoo by Matt Decker

Ganesh, Tattoo by Matt Decker

Tattoo by Matt Decker

Matt Decker Tattooing his Father-in-Law

Monday, June 3, 2013

Mr Lin

We were lucky enough to have Mr Lin (also known as Qianguang of the Fangde Studio), complete some traditional Chinese calligraphy for our studio recently.
He plays a big part in the Chinese community and traditional calendar events around Sunnybank and we are honoured to have some of his art finally hanging up!
For enquiries - 0413 291 190