Thursday, May 31, 2012

Collin's Dandelion

Collin wanted a small dandelion in it's white phase on her wrist, as a tribute to her close friend. Too many people lately have been getting the "black-silhouette-dandelion-with-the-fuzzy-blown-petals-turning-into-birds" tattoo, so we opted for something authentic and unique.  Executed entirely in opaque grays and white, I used a teeny tiny 3-needle liner for all the fuzzies. The head of the dandelion isn't much bigger than a quarter. Here it is!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Angela's Vines and Flowers

Angela came to me a few years ago to get a vine piece that filled in the gaps between some existing butterflies on her side. But this year at Treehouse we made it even bigger! Now extending from her left hip to her right shoulder, it dips, twists, and flows perfectly up and around her body. We also added design to her existing ankle piece to tie all of her tattoos stylistically together. Here's the finished piece:

Andy's Hot Air Balloons

 Andy has two young kids- Alana, and Gavin. On free days, their favorite thing to do is chase hot air balloons. They drive around until they can find one, and then try to get as close to it as possible. Andy's life has seem some tumultuous times recently, and his kids are his saving grace. So when he came to me for a tattoo design, we had the groundwork for an amazing piece. A balloon representing each of them, customized to their individual colors and patterns, breaking through a dark storm to the blue skies beyond. Here's the finished piece:


Below is a 360 of the piece, before it's final stages, with the original pencil sketch design, and the color mock-up:

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Manders Makes Tattoos Too...

New Work by Matt Decker and Brett Baumgart

Tattoo by Matt Decker

Tattoo by Matt Decker
Tattoo By Matt Decker

Tattoo by Brett Baumgart "Johnny Cash"
Tattoo by Brett Baumgart

Tattoo By Matt Decker
Tattoo By Matt Decker

Tattoo By Matt Decker

                                                          Sleeve in Progress by Matt Decker